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My name is Emilia. I'm a game designer dedicated to creating exciting gameplay and enhancing the user experience. With a keen eye for refining games, my passion lies in crafting unforgettable moments that elevate the gaming journey for all players. Check out my work and let me help you bring your game to life!

VR-AR Game for visitors of the Nudelfabrik (creative co-working space in Zeitz, Germany), using the factory floor to create a VR-Experience accommodating 10 players.
Currently in development (technical prototype completed)
Involvement: Production | Creative Lead | Gameplay Design | Narrative Design | QA
Schluck, Auf!
CONTEST WINNER: Best Casual Game, Platformer for the website of a local brewery in Leipzig, Germany. Developed with Unity.
Currently in testing phase - release Date End 2023
Involvement: Creative Lead | Gameplay Design | Production
Spider Mommy: 8 Feet Under
5-day Game Jam Project with the Theme: "a game for your mother". Casual game, developed with Unity.
Released in 2022
Involvement: Creative Lead | Programming | Gameplay Design | Production | Animation
Die Götterwette ("Wager of the Gods")
Board Game with a playtime of around 20-30 min. Designed for 2-4 players.
Finished 2021, unreleased.
Involvement: Game Design | Balancing | QA
Where the Tumbleweeds die.
Narrative Driven Experience, loosely leaning into Aristotle's tragedy, showcasing understanding of drama structure and the literary repertoire of a western setting. Developed with the Bitsy Game Maker.
Released 2022
Solo Project
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